Five set times ensure our crew can hook you up with the gear and help you make the most of it. This is an accessible experience.


The tour price is for catch and release Daintree Barramundi fishing, at our Barra Pond.


If you like it and want to eat it, then you’re welcome to purchase your catch at an additional $18.50 per kg.


Everything you need including rods, tackle, lures, bait and tuition is included in the tour price.

  • $67
  • CHILD FISHING [4-14]
  • $57
  • $10

Daily Fishing Session Times: 9am | 10.30am | 12pm | 1.30pm | 3pm

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Daintree Barramundi Fishing Tours Daintree Barramundi Fishing Tours


Our Daintree Barramundi fishing tours include 1-hour of catch and release, land-based fishing, around our earthen ponds. Although it’s called the Barra Pond, there’s a few other species in there too, including some monster Mangrove Jacks. Our fish – they’re big – including quite a few which are up to and over 1 metre and while they’re farm raised, they’re still wild creatures with plenty of fight. When there’s ‘Fish On’ get ready for jumping, popping, kick flips and dorsal smashing.

Our Daintree Barramundi fishing tours are fun, informative, accessible and inclusive. Whether you’re 5 or 95, we’ll get you hooked with our friendly crew here to lend a helping hand if needed. *Disclaimer: Hook-A-Barra takes no responsibility for tantrums resulting from children catching larger fish than their parents.



What equipment is provided in conjunction with the tour price?

Everything you need for catch and release barramundi fishing is provided and included in the tour price. Hook-a-Barra has a huge range of quality gear, including a specialist selection of lures, with everything from hard bodied minnows to soft plastics, poppers and paddle tails. We even have a fly-fishing option for expert anglers.

Why do I need to use your equipment?

We prefer to not allow personal rods and tackle to be used in our ponds, because they create a bio-security risk to our entire farm. We don’t allow treble hooks and use only single, barbless hooks to protect our fish from needless injury.

Is there any opportunity to bring / use my own equipment?

As above, we prefer you do not – to protect our farm. However, if you want to, you can bring your equipment* for our inspection . Please ensure you arrive at least 5 mins early to give us time to have a look and talk to one of our friendly guides on arrival.

*In this instance to even be considered it needs to meet our minimum breaking strain requirements (3olb braid, 40lb leader), adhere to our sanitation policy for equipment and lures, and use only single barbless hooks.

What facilities do you have on-site?

We have plenty of on-site car parking and covered tables and chairs. There is a viewing tank, where you can see some of our rare Speckled (Panda), Albino and Golden Barramundi – our crew will demonstrate their feeding techniques here. We have a café that specialises in showcasing our beautiful barra in burgers, fish and chips, gyoza and even sashimi. Cold drinks are available to purchase, as is a unique selection of barramundi souvenirs and merchandise. There are toilet facilities for guests.

Are your equipment and facilities accessible to all?

Here is a quick overview of our accessibility features, to assist with your trip planning. There is convenient parking close to our access ramp, which can be reserved a day in advance*, and if you don’t have your own car the local taxi can assist with transfers. Hook-A-Barra’s main fishing pond, toilets, barramundi information centre and café are all accessible with ramps and lots of space.

*If you have any special requirements, please advise at the time of booking or give us a call on (07) 4098 7117.


Are the fish easy to catch?

Our Barramundi are wild creatures. We can’t and don’t train them to jump on your hook. They behave exactly like river specimens and the time of day, position of the moon, weather and any number of other factors affect their desire to chase the lure. So, your technique is very important. Anglers will be impressed with the fight.

Can you show me how to fish?

Yes. Our passionate and knowledgeable crew provide guidance and tuition on all our equipment. Our Daintree barramundi fishing tours include an introduction to barra fishing, rod and tackle setup and the assistance of our expert fishing guides around the pond. We’re sure you’re up to the challenge, but if you have any questions feel free to ask our friendly staff.

Is the fishing an accessible tour and experience?

Our big barra pond, which is 60m x 30m, has accessible banks and a pontoon, with the Hook-A-Barra team on hand to help get you fishing. We have 5 x 1 hour fishing sessions each day and we supply everything you need, from rods and reels (which are manual only) to tips and assistance from our fishing guides.

Is it guaranteed that I will catch a fish?

Nope but that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching … you likely will catch something, but we think you’ll have a good time even if you don’t. Nothing in life is guaranteed. We will do our best to get you a fish in the time. The vast majority of guests that visit us manage to land a fish.

Can I keep what I catch?

Yes. There is the option to take your catch home. We charge $17.50 per kilo which is in addition to the tour price. Ask us about some delicious fresh fillets and recipe cards. We provide ice and eskis to take your fish home, but it also helps to be prepared and you’re welcome to bring your own eski.

Why are there set times for the fishing sessions?

The Barramundi fishing tours are conducted at set times, to make sure we can help you make the most of your time with us. It ensures our crew has enough time and space to provide your intro, set you up and give you some top tips. If you arrive outside of our scheduled sessions, our guides will provide assistance and get you fishing as soon as possible, subject to availability. Extra hours of fishing can be purchased on site or online, but again, this is subject to availability.


How much do the 1-hour Daintree barramundi fishing tours cost?

Our rates from 1 April 2023 are: Adult Fishing $65 | Child Fishing [1-14 years] $55 | *Non-Fishing General Admission $10 | Children Under 5 General Admission [Not Fishing] – Free.

*Please note the non-fishing general admission price is for any members of your family or group that are visiting but not fishing or touring. The general admission price allows you to see our viewing tank and enjoy our on-site facilities.

There is also the option to take your catch home for $17.50 per kilo.

What times do the Daintree barramundi fishing tours start?

We provide 5 x 1-hour fishing tours / sessions. They start at 9am (seasonal) | 10.30am | 12pm | 1.30pm | 3pm (seasonal) daily. Check updated availability Bookings are essential in peak holiday periods. Pending demand and availability, there may be the option for a 4.30pm fishing session, give us a call to enquire on (07) 4098 7117.

If you arrive outside our scheduled sessions, our guides will provide assistance and get you fishing as soon as possible, subject to availability. Extra hours fishing can be purchased on site, or online, pending space and availability.

Can I arrive at any time?

We prefer you book into one of our scheduled tour slots either on the phone or online. This gives us the best chance of giving you the best experience possible. If you arrive early, we’re happy for you to explore the premises until the session time.

Do I need to book my tour in advance?

Advance bookings are preferred and recommended. This enables us to manage guests on-site and also ensure our crew are able to provide first class information, support and advice.

Where are you located and how do I get there?

Hook-A-Barra is located on the Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Farm, which is Lot 3, Vixies Road, Wonga Beach, Queensland. We are about a 90 minute drive from Cairns, or about 30 minutes north of Port Douglas. Guests need to self-drive or make their own way here, as there is no public transport or transfer service available at this time.

Why Choose Our Hook-A-Barra Fishing Tours


Hone your skills at the Barra Pond. Catch and release or catch and keep.


Suitable for all ages. Hook-A-Barra is a great place to teach the kids to fish.


We love what we do and are on hand to give tips and advice, just ask.


1000’s of them in our ponds. Silver beauties, Albinos and Speckled Barra.

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