Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Fish Farms

“Better fish for a better world” – that’s our mission at Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Fish Farms.

For 18 years we’ve been providing a sustainable supply of world-class barramundi to some of the finest restaurants across the country, and many happy families here in FNQ. All without depleting wild food stocks.

Despite its indigenous name, we’re gutted to tell you that over 60% of barramundi in Australia is imported. Most Aussies don’t know where their barra comes from and have no guarantee of quality or origin.

When you visit Hook-a-Barra, not only are you supporting local farmers, but you get to fish for these magnificent specimens. And you can also take home your catch or buy prepared fillets on ice to taste the difference for yourself.

Our story

Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Fish Farms are perfectly positioned beside the Daintree River, sandwiched between the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest, Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea.

On our 49 hectare property we grow our fish in over 3 hectares of earthen ponds filled with saltwater from the Daintree River and replicating the natural habitat of the Barramundi. We start with 10cm long hand-selected fingerlings from local hatcheries and over 12 to 18 months we grow them to commercial size.

We’re an Australian company, managed by long-time local Mark Hober (aka Farmer Mark). He’s passionate about Barra (just ask him!) and grew up fishing the Daintree River.

Don’t tell him we told you but he’s a giant in the industry, respected for his leadership in innovation, management, sustainability and best practice.

Super Seafood

Move over quinoa!  Barramundi is the new superfood (and easier to pronounce).

It’s chokkas full of essential vitamins and minerals that support your immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems, all of which are pretty important!

It has the highest Omega-3s of any white fish.

Half the calories of salmon.

40g calcium in just one fillet.

Packed full of protein.

And get this. It takes only 1.5kg feed for a farmed barramundi to grow 1kg in weight; but it takes 5kg for a cow, 4kg for a sheep and 15-25kg for a wild barra.  So it’s great for the environment too!


We hate to brag, but here at Daintree Saltwater Barramundi Fish Farms we hand-rear Australia’s best farmed barramundi.

What makes us the best? Our innovative practises, sustainable operations, hand-picked fingerlings, world class facilities and experienced, professional team all come together to deliver a world class eating fish.

How do we know? We have the awards to prove it – twenty Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and five Championships at the Sydney Royal Fine Foods Show over the last ten years.

Check out our awards page to see a rare picture of Farmer Mark without a fish or rod in his hands!