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Celebrating Eco Certification

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020


Ever wondered how your holiday and hobbies impact the environment?

Well we have.  And in this post-Greta era of flight-shame and carbon credits, we wanted our visitors to know that when you come fishing at Hook-a-Barra or buy our Barramundi at restaurants throughout the country, you’re supporting a business that’s committed to environmental and social and cultural sustainability.

So we went through a year long, rigorous application with Ecotourism Australia, looking at every area of our operation including:

  • Sustainable Fishing Practices and Education is one of our primary initiatives at Hook-A-Barra. Our staff demonstrate and teach best practices to educate future anglers on the importance of protecting our precious marine life while enjoying the outdoors and environment.
  • Bio-security is of major concern to our natural environment and our farmers. Visitors to Hook-A-Barra are able to experience first hand how important bio-security is for the Australian eco system, and how the smallest of actions by consumers and visitors can have such a mammoth impact.
  • Buying Local #askforaussiebarra campaign. Reducing food miles and therefore reducing carbon emissions. Hookabarra and Daintree Saltwater Barramundi helped launch Australia’s first National Barramundi Day celebrating sustainable Australian farmers and their produce.
  • With many more initiatives being implemented such as Ausmap microplastic project, Carbon Sequestration research and planting food sources for other ECO certified operators soon to be announced.

In February 2019, we were awarded the Eco Certified Ecotourism tick, demonstrating to the world our commitment to sustainability.  Yay!

Look out for the logo whenever you travel to be sure that you’re visiting high quality nature-based tourism businesses across Australia.